Whelping Boxes

Whelping Boxes

If you run a kennel or enclosure where puppies are born, it's wise to invest in a whelping box to provide the necessary protection for your pups during the important early stages of their lives. Ideally, the box you choose should safeguard against cold weather and the danger of smothering by their mother.

Whilst some may use makeshift cardboard or plastic whelping boxes, solidly constructed steel boxes are much more durable and hygienic for pups, particularly if they're based in outdoor sheltered enclosures.

Mitton Hall Kennel Systems are leading suppliers of whelping boxes and offer sturdy, easy-to-use solutions for puppies of all breeds and sizes.

Our whelping beds are manufactured from galvanised steel, ensuring they'll stand the test of time. They're simple to clean and don't absorb odours or infections. As the front panels are hinged, they can be folded down, forming a ramp so that puppies can walk in and out of the box without any fuss. An optional whelping bar kit is also available.

The boxes are available in the following three sizes:

600mm x 900mm
1200mm x 1200mm
900mm x 1200mm

If you're still using the outmoded wooden boxes, it may be the right time to switch to steel. These tough, high-grade whelping boxes will save you time and hassle, providing a much safer, cleaner environment, encouraging puppies to thrive during the formative early weeks of life. 

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