Plastic Kennel Manufacturer

Plastic Kennel Manufacturer

The majority of dog kennels that are manufactured are created with a timber frame. Although this is great for weight and costs, this may not be the best choice in framework.

Mitton Hall Kennel Systems have manufactured a kennel which does away with a wooden frame; our solution is better for your kennel and animal. Plastic kennels provide many advantages over the traditional timber frame as they are long lasting and less affected by rot or woodworm. Less maintenance overall is required for a plastic based kennel, cleaning is easier and staining is less likely.

You may have concerns over the structure, durability and quality of a kennel made of plastic. However, to improve the structure, the base of the frame is actually steel which is covered by a polypropylene polymer. This plastic material allows easy cleaning and does not allow transference of viruses and diseases. Smells are also easily removed during cleaning, unlike their wooden counterparts. Edges and corners which could cause harm to the animal are covered with steel to protect them. This also prevents chewing which could result in damage to the animal and a conventional dog kennel. The flooring has a large effect on the temperature of the dog as they sit or lie on it. To stop the cold from penetrating the floor, the dog kennel itself is lifted off the floor, drastically increasing temperature.

Plastic kennels will revolutionise all of your kennel requirements and are produced by one of the nation’s leading kennel and cattery manufacturers. Call us today to see how our plastic kennels can accommodate you.

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