Kennel Systems

Kennel Systems

Dog or cat kennel systems can come in a wide range of different types and sizes. It really depends on the requirements you have for a kennel when you are thinking of purchasing one.

Domestic customers who are looking to purchase a kennel for their pet may wish to look at our featured range of free-standing kennel boxes. These are for internal or external use and have a hinged roof to provide easy access for cleaning, these boxes are made to last a really long time. If you are looking for a full kennel system for your business or to house animals for your public service work, then we will discuss your requirements in detail so that we can design a bespoke kennel system just for you.

The planning, design, manufacture and installation will all be done in the UK and will be tailored to fit your requirements. We ensure that all of our kennel systems are built for quality and durability; they are very low maintenance and rarely need repairing. When manufacturing our kennel systems, our use of high quality and specialised materials ensures that they stand the test of time, even against clawing and chewing from the numerous dogs that will use them.

Our galvanised steel and polymer plastic dog kennels are durable and safe for animals, making our kennels easy to clean and very strong. All edges and corners are covered by rounded steel to ensure the protection of the pets.

So, if you are in need of a full kennel system for your business, Mitton Hall Kennel Systems are the best in the nation. Give us a call today!

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