Kennel Heaters

Kennel Heaters

Today's kennels are secure, durable and designed with dogs' comfort in mind. However, to ensure your four-legged companions stay warm and toasty (particularly during the winter months), it's advisable to invest in quality kennel heaters.

Mitton Hall Kennel Systems offers economical, high-performance kennel heating systems at value prices. 60 or 120-watt models are available and an optional guard is available for added safety and security. These kennel heaters are weatherproof and engineered to last for many years with a minimum of fuss. They're easy to use and can be deactivated when not required, saving you time and money.

Kennel heaters are equally suitable for commercial boarding kennels and catteries as they are for domestic pet shelters. They're also ideal for sportsman breeders.

Mitton Hall Kennel Systems are among the UK's leading suppliers of kennel heating systems. We are pleased to offer our customers the benefit of more than 25 years' experience. If you're unsure which kennel heater would most benefit you and your dog(s), simply ask and we will be happy to advise you.

To learn more about our range of kennel heaters and the superb range of kennel systems and accessories we supply, get in touch with Mitton Hall Kennel Systems today.

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