Galvanised Bed / Benches

Galvanised Bed / Benches

If you'd like to improve the facilities at your boarding kennel, investing in high-grade galvanised dog benches could make all the difference.

Galvanised benches are particularly suitable for outdoor kennels and dog runs, as the framework is constructed from hot dipped galvanised steel (with a sturdy plastic infill), making them resistant to rust, though they can also be used for indoor facilities.

These tough, dog-friendly benches allow your pooches to take a breather after demanding play, walkies or exercise. Mitton Hall Kennel Systems are one of the UK's foremost suppliers of kennel systems and accessories and offer dog benches in a variety of sizes including:

600mm x 750mm
600mm x 1200mm
600mm x 900mm
750mm x 1200mm

Our dog benches are chew resistant and can also be used for veterinary applications. The optimum size for your dog(s) will vary depending on the breed. If you're not sure which model would best suit your needs, simply ask and we will be happy to make a recommendation.

Thanks to the industry-leading manufacturing techniques used, you can expect our galvanised benches to last for many years. They're simple to use, virtually maintenance-free and available at very competitive prices!

So, why not get in touch with Mitton Hall Kennel Systems to learn more about the fantastic range of dog benches we have in stock?

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