Do you cater to commercial or domestic clients?

We are pleased to offer our services to both commercial and domestic clients. From individual free-standing kennel boxes to complete boarding kennel systems for commercial dog kennels and catteries, we can offer a solution to suit every requirement.

Where are your products manufactured?

All products are manufactured at our own facility in Clitheroe.

I currently use one of the older wooden kennel systems. Why should I upgrade?

As all our panels are made to British Standards and hot dip galvanised, you can be assured of the quality and durability of our kennel systems. When compared to the older timber equivalents, our kennel systems last much longer and require far less maintenance. What's more, our kennels are far more hygienic than their wooden ancestors. As the plastic doesn't rot or absorb odours, the risk of infection or disease is significantly reduced.

I need a kennel built to specific dimensions. Can you help?

Yes, we can design and build a kennel system to your exact specifications. A full fitting service is also available.

Do you use third-party installers?

No. Your new kennel system will be installed by our own experienced team, ensuring a perfect fit is achieved.

How much will my new kennel system cost?

Pricing will depend on the specifications you require. You can see our full range here. Many of our clients agree, our maintenance-free kennel systems represent excellent value for money. You can also expect your new kennel system to last for years to come.

My dog is a serial chewer! Will this affect my new kennel system?

Many dogs are determined chewers, which has proved to be problematic for many older wooden kennel systems. We took this into consideration when developing our products. We're happy to say that our tough, long-life kennel systems are completely chew-proof, for owners' peace of mind.