External Kennel Box

External Kennel Box

Today's external kennel boxes are considerably tougher than older, rickety wooden varieties! If you're in the market for a new kennel system, a steel model has several advantages over wooden alternatives.

For instance, the galvanised steel and polyprop plastic kennel boxes available from Mitton Hall Kennel Systems are much easier to clean than their wooden counterparts thanks to the innovative access door and sliding hatch features. They're also chew-proof (dogs enthusiastically chew on anything made of wood, but even the strongest teeth can't make more than a dent in steel!). Thanks to their tough construction, they are rust and rot proof, ensuring they'll stand the test of time.

In short, the modern external kennel box systems from Mitton Hall offer a superb return on investment. They're equally as useful to domestic dog owners as they are to the proprietors of domestic kennels.

Older generations of dogs are sure to regale young pups with tales of how much tougher things were in days gone by. With plenty of space for toys, chews, cosy bedding and other creature comforts, they'd be right; thanks to the market-leading range of external kennel boxes from Mitton Hall, dogs have never had it so good!

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